Monday, 3 October 2011

the best way to save your money!!!!

Dress and look sharp with less cash..
Let's not pretend you can look like a million bucks with $7 and change. What you can do is focus on taking a clean, elegant style and maintain and extend it without hitting the malls at all. The thrift-conscious J.D. at the Get Rich Slowly blog has 18 tips on smarter used clothing buys, whether as a staple or just a complement to your wardrobe. And, while the political hook is a bit, er, dated, we did consult with style-conscious types to help dress like a honcho with humble means. For everything else that isn't soap and a haircut, try taking on easy ways to look sharp, like de-cheap-ifying a suit, shaving with a straight razor, and using coat hangers to prove to yourself that, yes, you really do have something to wear.

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